Smart Integrated Fast Battery Charger for Electric Vehicle DC283 KW Fast Charger

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It is suitable for concentrated high-power charging occasions whose routes are more fixed such as public buses, corporate shuttles, and commuter vehicles, and charging occasions which can meet the needs of fast charging of multiple vehicles at the same time.

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Ultra-fast charging: Charging for 5mins, running for 120mins

Wide output voltage range: 200-750v wide output voltage range, meet the charging requirements of most vehicles

Optional charging modes: With dual connector, optional charging modes; one connector charging on 100% output, two connectors charging simultaneously with smart power distribution. cycle charging

Higher reliability: Perfect waterproof and dust proof design, efficient heat dissipation, resistant to rain, snow, high or low temperature, stable operation in a harsh environment

Strong security: Multiple protections; auto power off, overcharging protection and failure isolation, etc.

Friendly interface: Multi-language intelligent human-machine interface, easy to operate

CE certified: Adopt European standard interface, CE certified

Higher intelligence: Cloud platform management, mobile app intelligent monitoring management, real -time data collection


The NYEC series EV fast chargers adopt European standard interface, integrating setting control, management, query, display, remote monitoring and other functions. The entire charging process is under intelligent control. With dual connector and option-al charging modes, the devices are ideal choices for fast charging at large bus parking lots, highway service areas, EV charging stations, etc.



Line voltage (VAC) AC 400 ± 10%
AC power connection 3P + N + PE
Frequency (HZ) 50Hz ± 5%
Power factor ≥ 0.99
Current THD value ≤ 5%


Output current (A) 0~400
Voltage regulation accuracy ≤ ±0.5%
Steady current accuracy ≤±1%
Ripple peak factor ≤0.5%
Output voltage range (VDC) 150~1000
Charging interfaces CCS2
Charging connectors 2
Output power (kW) 200 240 300 360
Packaging Wooden packing


Dimensions (W×D×H:mm) 840 x 980 x 2000 (in kind prevail)
Cable length (m) 7 or 10 (optional)
IP level IP54
Communication PLC (charger to vehicle)
Cooling Ethernet (charger to charger)
Full load efficiency Air Cooled
Versatility ≥94%


EN 61851-1 EN 62196 IEC 61851-21-2 EN 61851-23 EN 61851-24
Ambient temperature(℃) -20~+50


Storage temperature(℃) -40~+70
Humidity 5~95% no frost
Altitude (m) ≤ 2000
Noise (dB) ≤ 70
General Requirements Power 160KW DC
Model no. DE1K0160LY01
Product size 800*600*1750mm(W*D*H)
Input Requirements AC supply system CCS2 3-phase with 5 wires
Input voltage 380V AC (±15%)
Frequency 45-65Hz
Environment Requirement Environment Temperature -20℃~50℃
Humidity 5%~95%
Storage Temperature -25℃~55℃
Condition Outdoor use
Mechanical Requirements Mechanical Stability IEC61851-1 section 11.11.2
IP rating IP54
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Output Requirements Connector Quantity 1 connector
Each connector output DC connector: 200-750Vdc,150A(Max)
Connector Compatibility DC Connector complies to IEC62196-3 CCS-2
Efficiency ≥95%(Rated output power)
Power factor ≥0.99(full load )
User Interface and Display Requirements Communication between EVSE and CMS OCPP 1.6 protocol
Measurement Grid-responsive metering is performed based on the unit consumption of each vehicle
Network interface Ethernet, 4G (Option)
Protection and Safety Requirements Security Parameter Over-current,under-voltage, surge protection, leakage protection, short circuit, over-temperature protection, etc.

Service & Support

-With specialized after-sales service agencies, providing telephone support, on-site service, return and repair service, etc.

-With user information database, which can inquire the device configuration, operation, maintenance, quality, service and all the dynamic information, providing reliable technical support.

Support hotline:0086-0592-6882290


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