Newyea 7kW AC Pile—-Ingenious and intelligent manufacture, struck with force

Science and Technology has always been the productivity of a country, and it is also the cornerstone of an enterprise’s survival. The emergence of every technological product has condensed the hard work of a large number of R&D personnel. The Newyea Technology pursues the ultimate, is used to talking with products, and after numerous R&D and discussions, it has created the birth of “YEAH2.0 Smart AC Pile”.

Let’s introduce ourselves to YEAH2.0 Smart AC Pile through a video.



In fact, YEAH2.0 is not the smart AC pile product developed by the first generation of Newyea Technology. After many market verifications, in previous generations of products, we constantly sum up experience and increase the iterative upgrade of product technology, just to solve the pain points of users. Today’s YEAH2.0 smart charging piles have made many improvements in appearance and kernel, and the technology has also made breakthroughs and innovations, hoping to stand out among the same charging piles.




In addition to the improvement of performance, YEAH2.0 smart charging pile has also started a new round of scientific aesthetics upgrade. Seven new color schemes break through the restrictions of traditional charging piles on color, and have both “aesthetics” and “practicality”, bringing users the dual experience of technology and value. Its appearance will not only provide charging service for the public, but also penetrate into all areas of people’s lives. In the future, it will be endowed with more social significance and become an indispensable part of the urban road.

Intelligent manufacturing

Paying attention to products is the value of the market, and striving for good service is the respect for customers. YEAH2.0 Smart AC Pile strives to stand on the customer’s point of view, solve the customer’s needs and think what the customer thinks with sincerity. Its shape is simple and small, and its size is only half of A4 paper, which not only occupies a small area, but also saves space. It can be hung on the wall or erected. In each product, in addition to the charging manual, there is also a nanny-level video installation tutorial, which is easy to operate and tries our best to make the product quality and service the best.


Newyea Technology Ingenious and intelligent manufacture makes aesthetic charging pile. Respond to the green development path and focus on the iterative upgrading of products. Strive to up hold the spirit of innovation, constantly break through convenience, keep curious, and continue to deepen in the field to bring more value and surprise to customers.

Post time: Sep-30-2022