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Xiamen NEWYEA Technology Co.,Ltd.


Newyea Group is a technology-driven enterprise integrates R&D, manufacturing and investment. Founded by Dr. Lin Guijiang, a scientist of MOST and the global leading scientist in wireless charging technology.

Xiamen Newyea Technology Co.,Ltd. focuses on electric vehicle smart charging solutions, and is the earliest domestic enterprise that integrated the research and development, production and operation of electric vehicle wireless and wired smart charging systems. Newyea has mature electric vehicle wireless charging productization technical solutions, industry-leading smart charging pile products, smart charging integrated service operation platform and strong financing capabilities.

Manufacture and R&D Base

NEWYEA smart charging pile production and research base is located in Hua'an, known as the "Pearl of Beixi", about 80 kilometers away from the Xiamen headquarters. The base covers an area of ​​256 acres , ​​nearly 110,000 square meters, including six standardized buildings and can realize the transformation of large, medium and small wireless charging research results to industrialization, focusing on the production and manufacturing of new energy vehicle charging piles. In accordance with the relevant requirements of ISO, OHSMS and sustainable development, we have established and improved an integrated management system. Currently, we have passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Independent R&D and production, and strictly abide by the inspections of each link of the quality control system to ensure quality assurance in the production process. From technology research and development to product delivery, quality is strictly controlled, and the interests of customers are guaranteed the best in terms of production capacity.


NEWYEA smart charging pile production base


NEWYEA R&D center composed of professors, doctors, masters, and senior engineers from home and abroad, focusing on the development of wireless and wired smart charging technology for electric vehicles, small and medium power wireless charging technology and new solutions, covering 10,000 square meters independent R&D office building and R&D laboratory in line with international first-class standards implement a customer system innovation model, introduce customers to all aspects of the company’s internal innovation process, and work closely with the production base to achieve an integrated industry from R&D to production and achieve rapid satisfaction of customer needs, working with customers to create smart charging solutions that meet various industrial applications.

Wireless Charging

wireless charger

Newyea Group's technology in the field of smart charging, especially wireless charging, has reached the international advanced level. Following the State Grid and Qualcomm, Newyea Group has obtained more than 200 technical patents in the field of wireless charging, including 57 invention patents and 36 trademarks. Among them, 2 EU trademarks and 2 US trademarks; 4 integrated circuit layout designs have been obtained; 19 software copyright registrations; presided over and participated in the formulation of more than 10 national standards, industry standards, and local standards.

The strong R&D and management team is composed of professors, doctors, masters, and senior engineers from home and abroad, focusing on the research and development of wireless power supply technology and the industrialization of wireless power supply systems. Providing wireless power supply technical services in the fields of electric vehicles, Internet of Things and MEMS, smart cities, military-civilian integration, and are committed to becoming a leading wireless power supply system overall solution provider.

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Newyea strategy

Under the background of the new energy vehicle national strategy and the new infrastructure charging pile industry development policy, Newyea uses innovative and diversified business and service models, customized products and solutions to serve all resources and cooperative customers, and give full play to the charging infrastructure as a medium for the integration of information infrastructure and other infrastructures, it opens up the energy, information and value links of consumer-side electric vehicles and the supply-side energy Internet, and at the same time opens up the facilities, data and service links of electric vehicles and smart transportation, making the charging foundation that the facilities are vertically upgraded from ordinary energy-using facilities to energy inclusive infrastructure, and horizontally upgraded to smart transportation infrastructure, promoting the formation of a new pattern of integrated development of smart transportation and smart energy.

To lay out the existing key technology research and development paths in the future, and welcome the full digital era of charging ecology.

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Standard Setting

Up to now, NEWYEA has participated in the preparation of 7 national standards for wireless charging, 2 group standards, 3 international standards reviews, and has taken the lead in formulating 1 local standard, 1 group standard, and multiple corporate standards. In the process of standardization work, cooperate with Fujian Provincial Municipal Supervision Bureau, Xiamen Quality Supervision Bureau, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Electricity Union, China Automobile Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, China Electronics Standards Institute and other competent departments and scientific research institutions exchange and cooperation, and coordinated to carry out a number of standardization work.

No. Project No. / Standard No. Standard Name Standard Type
1 IEC 61980-1 Electric vehicle wireless power transfer (WPT)systems.Part 1: General requirements. International Standard
2 ISO 19363 Electrically propelled road vehicles -- Magnetic field wireless power transfer International Standard
3 SAE TIR J2954 Electrically propelled road vehicles -- Magnetic field wireless power transfer - Safety and interoperability requirements International Standard
4 GB/T 38775.1-2020 Wireless charging systems for electric vehicles - Part 1: General requirements National Standard
5 GB/T 38775.3-2020 Wireless charging systems for electric vehicles - Part 3: Particular requirements National Standard
6 20180971-T-524 (Drafting Phase) Electric vehicle wireless charging system Special requirements for commercial vehicle applications National Standard
7 20180679-T-524 (Drafting Phase) Technical requirement and test specification for wireless power supply system of stereo parking garage National Standard
8 20171275-T-339 (Drafting Phase) Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and test methods for wireless charging systems of electric vehicles National Standard
9 20181906-T-339 (Drafting Phase) Interoperability requirements and testing for wireless charging systems for electric vehicles - Part 2: Vehicle ends National Standard
10 20180970-T-524 (Drafting Phase) Interoperability requirements and testing for wireless charging systems for electric vehicles - Part 1: ground end National Standard
11 DB35/T 1875-2019 Performance requirements and test methods for vehicle wireless charging system in pure electric field (plant) Local Standard
12 T/CEC 277-2019 Pure electric field (plant) motor vehicle wireless System Technical specifications Group Standard
13 T/CECS 611- 2019 Technical specification for wireless charging Facilities for electric vehicles Group Standard